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Improve your Brand with Google Alerts

I do a lot of talking about the importance of how Indies brands themselves and the overall impact and success of their career. Well, this is no different after trying out Google alerts for myself for a while just to see how effective it could actually be I am now ready to recommend this to you guys! I noticed that even though I do a ton of How-To driven stuff I leave enough up to you to go in an explore for yourself because I want you to become a doer and not just a follower.


Google Alerts simply put is a way to keep tabs on your brand and the how it is being discussed on the Internet. It’s another free service provided by Google [Thanks] that happens to very powerful for the one’s brave enough to master it. The learning curve is simple and it will heavily depend on how far and in depth you take your skills with it on how well it works for you. I have been studying ways to effectively use Google’s in depth searching engine beyond typing in keywords which at first I only knew about. My new knowledge on just how detailed you can get in the searches with different techniques has me surfing Google a ton more now. That said lets get to Google alerts.


A big part of your success as an Indie brand will weigh greatly on your ability to connect with people. While social media has made this task easier so to speak, you still need to be able to effectively do this. Google alerts will automatically send you search results on what ever you look up (Your Brand name) automatically to an email address of your choice. You can choose result type, how often and how many you want sent. Why is this powerful? Well, being able to get “As it happens” alerts about things you are searching online once they hit Google will keep your chance to connect and the awareness you have of your brand or topic online high. You can quickly respond to blog posts, Videos, Articles and more. You will be provided with links directly to those articles or resources your search input comes up on. Joining the conversation is always a great way to gain new followers to your tribe or solidify older ones. For example; one of your long time fans writes an open letter about you on blogger or tumblr and you were able to give them thanks for their efforts or really give a genuine response? Not only do you have the chance to create aw factor with a surprise of you finding it and responding but, to that fan it made their day and maybe life for some. They will talk about that long enough for other people to check you out and many result in new followers of your tribe. If we know nothing else word of mouth (whether that be on the internet or not) is still the best form of promotion that sticks. I included a few screens of Google alerts.


Here is the link you can use to get started: http://www.google.com/alerts

Now get started!

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