[How to] Why Your Mixtape should be on Youtube

Why your Mixtape should be on youtube NOW!

First and foremost, take everything I am about to say literally. Now that that is out of the way, PUT YOUR MIXTAPE ON YOUR Youtube channel. If you are looking to gain exposure for your mixtape youtube is for you. How you say? Youtube is in everyone’s pocket (*practically almost everyone). I can’t tell you how many times I click a Datpiff link to check out a take and get the “plugin not supported” prompt or some other reason why I can’t listen due to a flash miscommunication. My point is you want to be were the people are. Uploading your mixtape in its entirety to youtube and time stamping it with a song list (I will include examples of this below) will right now get you more listens than pushing a datpiff link. Here are 5 reasons why you should be uploading your mixtape to youtube.

  1. Search Engine Reasons: Youtube = Google. What does that mean? The largest and second largest search engines are actually Google and Youtube. Dominate the search engine so when you tell people to Google you your mixtape on a working platform will pop up!
  2. Branding Possibilities: While your album is playing remember you have the full length of the album to get creative visually. So let’s say your mixtape is an hour you have an entire hour to get creative on ways to sell something visually that goes with your music. It doesn’t have to be a video just keep it simple and something that stands out. Winning made easy.
  3. Time Stamp feature: Not sure if you noticed but Youtube actually has a built in time stamp feature that allows you to put in times (i.e. 11:22) and it will become a hyperlink that will bring the video to that point. *Works well in the comment section and in the about/description section.
  4. Accessibility: Youtube (via the great folks at Google) makes it possible to check out youtube videos from just about anywhere. Why not get in that space? Why not take advantage of the FREE land? Just a few things to think about. Sharing your mixtape has endless possibilities also with Youtube now doubling as more than just a video search engine but a social media environment.
  5. Maintenance: Along with accessibility maintenance is great. If you have your own website you know down time on your server can kill momentum. Youtube wants to have its platform working around the clock as it is a global platform so you gain the benefit of having highly paid professionals making sure your video plays and works on as many platforms as possible.

Ok here some screen shots of some blue prints of some effective upload methods:

theWeeknd youtube album

*Make sure you include where the ablum can be purchased if you are selling it

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