How to Increase your Chances at Getting in a Major Publication


After being asked a few times I thought I would give a bit of insight on just what I mean by targeting your market and it has come to my attention that “how to increase your chances at getting into a major publication” would be a great topic to address.

I do a great deal of talking about targeting your market and narrowing down who you are targeting and making those efforts count. This post I intend to give you some further insight of just what I mean when I say really target them.

If you are looking to land a spot in some major publication for one you need to have a reason they would want you in there. This form of getting into or talked about in a major publication is not the paid ad type of deal. In this example of really using what you have at your disposal to your advantage I would like to point out the search field most sites include. Get familiar with it because you will become quite acquainted with it shortly. In this example I will be using XXL Magazine. Reminder – Read my article I wrote a while back about “Writers and Bloggers being your best friends”.


Scenario: I am a New Orleans Hip Hop Artist looking to increase my chances at landing a write up in XXL or making


Solution: Visit their site and narrow down your target.


Step 1: Visit (or any site that you are looking to land on)


Step2: Find the search box


Step3: Input keywords that match you. For this example I will use keywords such as “New Orleans” and “New Orleans Hip Hop”. I did a post of becoming a search ninja if you need a crash course in using search keywords. [Click HERE to view it]


Step4: Check out the posts that come back from that search and see what exactly what written. If it was a favorable write up, what did the write up speak about and what sections did it fall under in the website.

New Orleans Hip Hop-xxl

Step5: MAKE A NOTE OF THE AUTHOR WHO POSTED THE REOCCURRING BLOG POSTS *that fit your market the best!!! – Critical Step


Step6: Visit their page. Usually with most sites their name is clickable and you can gain more information about the author of the posts. If name use Google now that you have a name. Do a Google search such as “Author Name XXL”. Replace with whatever publication you are looking through and with whatever author name you are looking for. Nine times out of ten you will find an online contact point on them if not several. Most of the time you can at least pick up a good email contact or one of their social handles. Record it, save it, File it!


Step7: Once you have made it to this step it is all about NOT messing it up! Now is the time to “Network”. I also did a post of how to network the right way. [Click HERE to view it] PLEASE take heed and really get some skills in the networking field because it makes no sense to get this far only to get blocked or blow a great networking competition.


The Take away:

Search the site to find the authors who write about people like you and Network. Remember this does not guarantee anything it will simply increase your likely hood of getting a chance to narrow down who you need to be networking with to expand your brand. You can apply this to many of the sites you visit was just used for this example. Most importantly please remember the rules of engagement, SPAM is a sin in the game of marketing and can quickly get you black listed. After collecting some valued contacts PLEASE think before you email, tweet, inbox!


Hopefully now you are starting to get an idea of what I mean about really taking what is already there and building valued contacts by targeting your market. Remember an e Blast is cool but an e Blast to a targeted market you have identified is WAY more effective!




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