[Video] Maseratti Nix: No Love

As we do our weekly checkin with the streets, looking for new music,new sound and new videos. We stumbled upon one of our supporting artist Maseratti Nix new video titled “No love.” In his 2:43 visual, he speaks about the learnings and journey of the hood  streets in New Orleans. He acknowledge that good things can come out of bad decisions hence, in the verse “We ain’t never had Sh**, so when we get it we run through it, I apologize grandma should have thought a little before I blew it, 17 with 60 bands in my mama attic, funny how life works the same wrong help me write a classic” He also acknowledge a lost friend and local artist by the name of Yo who was gun down. He makes the connection by dressing the false love that can lie within your own circle of friends. What Maseratti Nix gives with this video Is life lessons, street stories and real life music. Check out his new work ” No Love”

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