[Review] Lyriqs da Lyraciss: D.A.I.Y.L.F (@underdogcentral)



[dropcap]I[/dropcap]ndependent New Orleans MC, Lyriqs da Lyraciss drops his 2013 album release “D.A.I.Y.L.F” short for Dream As If You’ll Live Forever. With a well-produced line up we get a real good feel for where Lyriqs is at in his musical journey, which happens to be a great place. Reaching out to a production group including; Crescent Kingz, Melvin Burch, QKnox, Raw Tunez, MpFranco, and C-wizz.

Moving from the wealth of production crammed into the album Lyriqs has BX own artist Mickey Factz to speak a bit throughout the album showing support for the up and coming Lyraciss.

This album consisted of a good mix of songs and moods from the West Coast type feel on “Gooberphat” on to that “drag bap” sound of “Butta” which features fellow New Orleans artist Dappa. Trickled through the album we also get a nice bit of harmonies performed by Lyriqs himself as heard on the album opener “ComaTose”.

Keeping true to his brand “Underdog central”, Lyraciss doesn’t stray far from the underlying message throughout the album of his Underdog status. With only two features on the album Lyriqs kept the 15-track album straight to the points clocking just less than fifty minutes in its entirety.

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