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There are some things that go undisputed and one of those happen to be the fact that when you ask for the list of lyricist coming from New Orleans you will have The SHOW listed. Nominated year after year for the NOLA Hip Hop awards “Hottest Lyricist”, The SHOW takes his verbal assault to the masses with his latest release “Under the Influence” featuring his label mate Bronco. We got a chance to catch up with the SHOW for a quick interview about this project and more.

Q. How did this album come about?


SHOW: The project actually started off as a compilation album which was suppose to consist of me and several other artist who were under the EGMGlifestyle imprint at the time. As time progressed me & Bronco were the only two showing up for studio so we eventually just made it a duo album due to the lack of time scheduled for the release date. We even went as far as changing the name which was originally entitled “Play Ball”.


Q. Whats ur fav record on the album?


SHOW: My favorite song on the album is “The Lifestyle” which features myself, Bronco & Bruce Lee. It’s basically a everyday story/ tale of three homeboys on any given day. Also the things they may have decided to get into on this any given day, and to top it off, its a three way conversation in a form of a rhyme that consist of arguments, disagreements, etc. I haven’t heard anybody put three different people in a story with three different characters and somehow keep the plot of the story so complex and yet still precise. What more can I say, “Just a day in the lifestyle”.


Q. What do you want ppl to come away with after listening to this album?


SHOW: Well the title of the album is self explanatory but its not what you’d expect. Even though the album is a ode to the party goers, smokers, & drinkers it still has substance. Take for instance the song “Strong Drank”. Judging by the title if you’re just reading the insert you’d think its about partying and drinking. But in actuality its a record about the things we go through in life that might make you wanna have a strong drink for example: A family member catching 25 years in prison, or a homeboy passing away, trouble paying bills or even stress in the music industry. Or take for instance  “Faded Too Long” which sounds like a record about being too messed up or way too far under the influence. But in actuality its a story about being under the influence the night before and waking up unaware of your surroundings and not knowing how you got where you are when you woke up the following morning. Every song has a message somehow. It’s dope!’


Q. Whats next for you?


SHOW: I’m still working with Mannie Fresh and he’s actually about to be finish his new album which I’m helping him with. Also we made the BET Music Matters  tour with the super group “The Rap Pack” which consist of myself, K Gates & Y. Luck which are all artist from New Orleans. We have another duo project with me & Bronco which is entitled “Walkers” then me & Bronco will be releasing solo projects soon after. We’re just working non stop.


Q. Will we be getting visuals [Videos] from this project?


SHOW: Yes! ASAP! I really wanna let the fans decide what visuals they wanna see for the songs they love but I don’t know. We’ll just play it by ear.

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    The Show is one of the best writers I’ve been around at studio. #TrillTalk

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    Dream Team they gon find out soon enough